1Nation1Day: Dominican 2015

Dawn of a new Missions Era

1Nation1Day Event

On Saturday, July 25 2015, hundreds of thousands of people gathered across 20 different cities, in the 20 largest stadiums, standing together to celebrate “The Best Dominican”.

1N1D Dominican Recap Video

Every Community. Every State.

Over 2,500 missionaries and translators infiltrated nearly every community in the entire nation.

The Team Is On The Move

Practical Aid

Building homes, Establishing water wells, giving away shoes, and providing free medical care to those living in extreme poverty across the country.

More Than Help Is Hope

Training Leaders

University students, business owners, government officials, and spiritual leaders gathered from across the nation for training events in two locations.

1Nation1Day Event

1Nation1Day: Dominican

In 2015, the Dominican Republic faced issues bigger than itself. With hundreds-of-thousands of Haitian refugees, unemployment levels at an all-time high, and people in a poverty crisis the 1Nation1Day brought the message of hope and purpose by empowering people to believe in “The Best Dominican.”

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Hundreds of doctors, dentists, and medical professionals to provide free medical care and medicine to those living in extreme poverty.