It Starts With A Plan

1Nation1Day Dominican will be the largest global missions outreach in history. But, we’re not just interested in numbers; we are interested in change. That’s why we’ve developed a strategy to see this audacious vision come to pass.

Partner With The Government

It's like having an all access pass.

1Nation1Day will partner with the government of the Dominican Republic to help facilitate the unprecedented amount of aid, people, and logistics an outreach of this scale demands. With the help of the government, and the generous resources they have made available, our team is able to focus on making the largest impact possible.

  • The sincerity and openness of the Dominican government has been exceptional on every level. The leadership of the country fully supports every 1Nation1Day initiative.

Reach Every Citizen

Every Community. Every State.

Over the course of five days, our team will infiltrate every community in the country, bringing a message of hope, purpose, and identity to the every citizen in the nation.

  • Meet Jose. He’s 10 years old. He goes to school. Plays Baseball. And dreams of becoming pitcher for the Red Sox. In July 2015, our team will visit his neighborhood.

Bring 2,500 Missionaries

The larger the team - the larger the impact.

By assembling the largest team in history, we will be able to reach more people, give more aid, generate greater influence, and leave lasting impact.

  • Rebecca thought she was just going on the trip with her young adult group, she didn’t realize how much the trip would change her own life.

Organize Medical Clinics

Healing the Spirit, Soul, and Body.

Because of such desperate need for medical care in the Dominican, we are organizing one of the largest medical outreaches in history. A team of medical professionals throughout the week will treat thousands of patients who may have never seen a doctor before.

  • Susanna suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure. She can’t go to a doctor because it’s too expensive. She will be at our medical clinic in Baharona.

Give Practical Aid

Because we can.

Our team will distribute container loads of humanitarian aid and thousands of pairs of shoes to the poorest people in Dominican.

  • Victoria is smiling because when our missionaries visit her town, in July 2015, she will recieve her first pair of shoes.

Mobilize Local Influencers

Train-up Leaders

Thousands of government officials, small business owners, teachers, and pastors will gather in two massive baseball stadiums for training events with some of the worlds most influential leaders. Each leader will walk away with books, materials, and a growth plan.

  • What Jorge will learn at the leadership conference will revolutionize his life, his family, and his business.

Unite the Nation

One Nation. One Day.

The week long campaign will conclude as the entire nation gathers in 20 different venues in 20 different states across the country. Millions of people will pack out the stadiums and watch on live TV to witness a country’s transformation.

  • Jorge. Susanna. Jose. Victoria. Will sit in a seat like this on July 25th, 2015.


We’re not into quick-microwavable-just-for-a-moment kind of change. We’re in it for Lasting Impact and Sustainable Change.

Local Level

After signing up on the campaign website, neighbors, community leaders, and anyone wanting to make a difference meet up in a central location and volunteer to help improve their community.


After a citizen signs up via text message to become part of “The New Dominican,” weekly inspirational text messages are sent out reminding them of what that means.

Nationwide School

In order to change a nation, we start with a generation. Values Curriculums are given to every teacher in the nation, and taught to the students every week in their homeroom class.